Is It Time to Update Your Content?

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A great way to continue providing fresh and relevant blog content for your readers is by refreshing your old articles. Taking the time to regularly update your content can help attract new readers and help convert these readers into customers. Your content can position you as someone they can trust when they engage with your […]

The Shift to Social Media for News Content

img src=“blog” alt=“The Shift to Social Media for News Content” title=“The Shift to Social Media for News Content"

A recent Pew Research report ‘News Consumption Across Social Media’, highlights how Americans are accessing news content, and the role that each social media platform plays. The survey of 11,178 people across the U.S. provides a detailed view of key trends and habits. The report indicates that last year, 36% of respondents indicated that they […]

Compelling Content Marketing Strategies for Financial Services

Fresh Finance Blog_Compelling Content Marketing Strategies for Financial Services

The common saying “content is king” has been made even more true in the digital age. Unfortunately, financial institutions and financial advisors face challenges in breaking through the noise and generating client-focused content to engage and retain clients, all while ensuring adherence to firm and governmental compliance requirements. “I don’t have time to create content.” […]

Modern Marketing Tactics for Today’s Financial Advisors

img src=“blog” alt=“Modern Marketing Tactics for Today’s Financial Advisors” title=“Modern Marketing Tactics for Today’s Financial Advisors"

A marketing plan will always need to be fine-tuned as industry trends, and business goals change. If you’ve found yourself growing complacent with your marketing efforts, here are seven modern marketing tactics to focus on to get you back on track in 2021:  Website. Make sure to optimize your website to attract your ideal customer. […]

The Impact of Content Marketing and How to Get Started

img src=“blog” alt=“The Impact of Content Marketing and How to Get Started” title=“The Impact of Content Marketing and How to Get Started"

The internet has dramatically shifted companies’ marketing strategies in almost every industry, and the financial services industry is no different. The impact of content marketing has grown and become a large part of advertising the services of a financial advisory firm. For advisors, content marketing offers a unique and personal connection with both clients and […]

The Importance of Blogging = Successful Content Marketing

img src=“blog” alt=“The Importance of Blogging = Successful Content Marketing” title=“The Importance of Blogging = Successful Content Marketing"

One of the most effective ways to grow your company’s brand awareness is understanding the importance of blogging. Providing your audience with informative articles on a timely basis is a great way to build your brand’s trust with the public. Here are four benefits of blogging as part of your content marketing strategy: Blogging helps […]

Demystifying Content Marketing for Financial Advisors

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The best use of a financial advisors’ time is engaging in activities that will create revenue for them and their firm. Revenue-generating activities include connecting with current clients, investing client assets, and reaching out to prospects.  If writing content for your website, emails, and social pages does not strike you as a revenue-generating activity—you are […]

Compliance Heavy Industries: Content Marketing 101

Fresh Finance blog_Content Marketing 101 for Compliance Heavy Industries

Content marketing is one of the best ways to improve your company’s search engine rankings, even in compliance heavy industries. 72% of online marketers describe content creation as their most effective SEO tactic, which helps potential customers easily find you. Content marketing is also a great way to establish credibility for your company and create […]

Looking Ahead: Marketing for Banks and Credit Unions

Fresh Finance Blog_Looking Ahead_Marketing for Banks and Credit Unions

Content marketing for banks and credit unions can be challenging. With new content marketing channels constantly emerging and regulatory and compliance requirements you may feel like your content marketing efforts have been challenged the last year and a half. The Financial Brand reached out to bank and credit union marketers with a series of questions to […]

Digital Marketing for Financial Advisors: Become a Content Expert

Referrals alone are not enough to ensure that your practice continues to grow. Digital marketing is the easiest way to increase your client base and stay connected to your clients. However, there are considerations as you start your digital marketing journey in a regulated industry. Here, we outline seven basic ways to help grow your […]