4 Ways to Infuse Empathy in Your Social Media Content

Fresh Finance blog_4 Ways to Infuse Empathy in Your Social Media Content
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More than previously, people are looking to forge personal relationships with those they work with and buy from. Although educational and branded content makes for a well-rounded social presence, personal and empathetic posts foster higher engagement. This type of social media content is one of the easiest ways to connect with your audience. Here are a few different ideas to try:

  1. Focus on storytelling. Using conversation as a tool in content marketing can be impactful in telling your company’s stories and connecting with your audience. Since your team members are knowledgeable about your services, invite them to participate in conversational marketing initiatives. Employee conversations via podcasts or webinars provide a straightforward way for customers to get to know your company while understanding what sets you apart.
  2. Share team member updates. Celebrating your employees is a simple way to show them you care while promoting your company’s culture. If appropriate, post new team members and employee milestones such as work anniversaries, promotions, and personal life updates. People are likelier to engage with a social media post that evokes emotion.
  3. Post engaging videos. Video content has taken social media by storm. Half of social media users prefer video over other types of content, and 58% of viewers will watch the entirety of a business’s video if it’s less than 60 seconds long. Try producing a few videos in-house or via a video producer that communicates your company’s unique goals in an easy-to-understand way and builds a connection with your audience.
  4. Mix it up. The secret to figuring out how to communicate meaningfully across each social media channel is tailoring your content to individual customer preferences. Some customers prefer LinkedIn as their channel, while others use Twitter. Use multiple channels to maintain a consistent brand experience so customers can find you wherever they are. Remember that having a presence on social media by posting relevant financial content helps position you as the trusted expert that can help people solve their financial and retirement savings problems.

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