One enterprise software for compliance and marketing teams, and their advisors.

A home office solution for compliance review and marketing team management, with brand standards applied across the broader organization.

Compliance and
Marketing Department


How Fresh Finance Solves These Challenges

Full Library of Articles

Your marketing team can use our content library of 500+ articles as is, edit them, write your own, or import content from other providers.

Once your compliance team approves articles, they automate to the advisor portals for use on their websites through RSS feeds.

Digital Newsletter

Create enterprise newsletters to help your advisors connect with clients using our digital newsletter tool.  Articles are the same articles, while banners have advisor-specific contact information, their photo and brand, and disclosures.

Customized Banner​

Our software automates banner creation using advisors' contact information, disclosures, and photos, saving graphics design time.

DBAs are no problem using our software to produce customized banners or upload brand standards banner options.

PDF Mailer

Advisors can download a full-color PDF newsletter mailer,  print it themselves and use it with their clients and at events. Our PDF mailer tool automates advisors' banners, disclosures, and contact information as the PDF mailer generates.

Email Analytics

With our email analytics, your marketing team won't be left wondering if your content marketing is making an impact. (* with email list management enabled).

Social Media Posting

Provide your advisors with pre-approved third-party finance articles that sync to their LinkedIn and Facebook profiles through our direct APIs. Help your advisors amplify their social media presence by positioning them as well-informed thought leaders.

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Position Your Advisors as Industry Thought Leaders.

Our enterprise solution is designed with the following features:

#1- Unique logins that are entitlement driven. Marketing and Compliance Administrators, Content writer, & Graphics design permissions, plus Advisor credentials.

#2- Automated newsletter distribution. We manage the advisor’s list or deliver to advisors’ email, sending the newsletter through the CRM system and then to their clients.

#3- Pre-vetting of Third-party social media content. We vet and then pass through APIs into the production software side. Once approved, third-party articles ‘publish’ to the advisor portals.

#4- The Organization’s and Individual’s branding. During the advisor registration process, each newsletter banner is designed through our software- no design skills are needed!

#5- Our content library of 500+ articles is included. Use articles as is, edit, write new, use our AI-content tool or add other licensed articles to the software. Our software arranges the articles into 12 topic categories:

Challenges that Advisors Face:

These challenges can be overwhelming,
but they don't have to be. We're here to help.