5 Ways to Freshen Up Your Social Posts

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If you manage your company’s social media pages, you know it’s easy to get stuck in your usual ways of posting. Depending on what you’re posting, you likely use similar templates every time to introduce the piece of content and entice people to want to learn more. We analyzed what some of the biggest companies are doing on their social platforms to help their content stand out from the rest. Here are five ways to freshen up your social media posts from some of the biggest and most successful social media players:

  1. Break up text and include emojis: You’ve likely noticed a viral post on LinkedIn that features broken-up paragraphs and emojis at the start of each new sentence. Like us, you may think this strategy looks a little cluttered. But, when analyzing these posts’ statistics, this style may be worth trying out. Since you can’t see the entire post, your audience must click to learn more which helps drive engagement and tells the algorithm to show the post to more people. 
  2. Post less: When looking at these big companies’ social media pages, we were surprised to find out that many of them don’t post all that often. This strategy may seem counterintuitive as it’s still a good rule of thumb to post at least once per workday. However, don’t feel pressure to post several times per day. Providing higher quality posts when you choose to publish will help your engagement and page growth in the long run.
  3. Include branded graphics: When posting original content like blog posts, e-books, company announcements, etc., try including an eye-catching graphic that features your brand’s specific colors and elements. This strategy is a great way to create a unified look for your content and help keep your brand top of mind. Your audience will then start associating content with your company by its overall look and feel.
  4. Use attention grabbers at the beginning of a post: Like with emojis at the beginning of your post, many companies use different acronyms or CTAs to help garner more attention. Try using #ICYMI (in case you missed it) or #BREAKING at the beginning of your next post to attract your audience’s attention in the first few seconds of seeing your post. This strategy will hook people to keep reading and potentially be more likely to engage with your post.
  5. Post more eye-catching, short videos: We know that videos tend to do quite well on social media but instead of investing in long-form videos, try breaking these up into shorter videos for various posts. Don’t be afraid to recycle your video content. Because social media timelines move so quickly, your audience may not have even seen the video the first time you published it. 

It’s essential to regularly take a step back and think about new ways that you can freshen up your social media content. Let us know if you try out any of these ideas and how they work for you!

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