AI: Friend or Foe of Content Marketing?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is not a far-fetched concept but a reality transforming various industry sectors. Over time, AI has been progressively infiltrating the marketing industry, explicitly reshaping content marketing. The fusion of AI and content marketing revolutionizes how content is created, personalized, and distributed. AI has significantly enhanced the efficiency and effectiveness of content marketing […]

2024 Social Media Trends for Financial Professionals

As we edge closer to the New Year, the ever-evolving nature of social media presents diverse opportunities in 2024 for a wide range of industries, including the wealth industry. Financial professionals must stay updated and adapt to emerging social media trends to participate in this digital landscape. We recently sat down with Teresa Leno, CEO […]

What’s the Best Finance Content: Original or Enterprise?

This article originally appeared in Digital Wealth News Understanding finances is a crucial aspect of today’s world. To stay ahead, wealth organizations heavily rely on accessible finance content that can keep their clients updated on the latest financial news and provide financial education. With the flood of available financial content online, the common question is: […]

The Changing Role of Wealth Industry Professionals: From Facilitator to Educator

Traditionally, wealth, banking, and insurance professionals were facilitators, managing transactions and providing products and advice. Investing coupled with products is a critical strategy for wealth building. Still, some customers require a deeper understanding of financial markets, product options, and potential risks. In recent years, there has been a growing expectation among the public that organizations […]

Why a MarTech Strategy is Important for Wealth Firms

This article originally appeared in Digital Wealth News Various facets of technology revolutionize the wealth industry, and marketing is no exception. Among the diverse array of innovative technology options, MarTech, or Marketing Technology, stands out as an instrumental tool for these organizations. The concept of a MarTech strategy has become increasingly critical in optimizing marketing […]

Social Media: Statistics for Financial Professionals’ Engagement

The rise of social media has ushered in a new era of communication, marketing, and client interaction. It has become an essential tool for businesses across all sectors, and the financial industry is no exception. Financial professionals are traditionally known for their conservative approach, keen decision-making skills, and robust methodologies to handle their client’s financial […]

Elevating Advisor Marketing Using MarTech Integrations

The marketing department often provides a vendor list for independent advisors under an RIA or independent BD model to select technologies to help them market their services. But ‘the list’ is generally comprised of ‘do-it-yourself’ solution providers, leaving the Advisor responsible for their marketing. While these solution providers may offer additional services or tech solutions […]

How Investors Benefit From Finance Content Marketing

In today’s dynamic business environment, investor communication is vital to maintaining assets under management and ongoing engagement. As such, finance content marketing is a highly effective strategy financial organizations and their advisors use to communicate with and attract potential investors when leveraged by the power of marketing technologies. Investors often seek reliable information to help […]

Attract & Retain Clients Using Finance Content

Content marketing is one of the best ways companies and advisors can improve their company’s search engine (SEO) rankings. 72% of online marketers describe content creation as their most effective SEO tactic, which helps potential clients looking for financial help find you. Content marketing is also an effective way to establish credibility for your advisors while creating […]

Press Release: UpContent and FreshFinance Forge Pioneering Partnership, Elevating Financial Content Curation and Distribution Tools for Advisors

Minneapolis, MN; September 26, 2023 – UpContent, the premier content curation platform, is delighted to announce an exciting collaboration with Fresh Finance, a leading financial marketing technology firm. This strategic alliance is set to transform the landscape for marketing and compliance teams, providing their advisors with a seamless means to access and disseminate pre-approved, curated […]