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Financial Decisions

How Our Content Marketing Tools Help Advisors

Increases your website’s SEO- Posting financial education content helps prospects find you when searching for financial help or a new financial advisor.

 Easy social media posting- Our integrations with social media platforms helps elevate your social media profile.

  Validates youSharing content and financial news demonstrates you’re informed and trustworthy.

 Strengthen relationships- Providing financial education articles to clients keeps you top-of-mind, showing you care about their financial wellness.

Less time sourcing content- Fresh Finance content plus articles from trusted third-party publishers.

Compliance-approved articles- Ready to use on websites, social media, newsletters, and more.

Full Library of Articles

Full Library of Articles

Use our content library of 500+ articles across 12 topics as is, or edit them to make them your own.

Monthly Digital Newsletter

Digital Newsletter

Our monthly newsletters help you connect with clients while keeping your contact information front and center.

Customized Banner

Customized Banner

Our software automatically creates your newsletter banners using your logo, contact info, disclosures, and photo, saving graphics design time. 

PDF Mailer

PDF Mailer

Advisors can download a full-color PDF newsletter,  print, and mail to their clients or use at events.

Email Analytics

Email Analytics

Sync your CRM list with our email analytics to gain insights into clients content interests.

Social Media Posting

Social Media Posting

Third-party finance articles sync to LinkedIn & Facebook through APIs to help grow your social presence.

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  • New articles added each month to the libary