ReachStack Fresh Finance partnership now provides more Intelligent, Efficient, and Impactful Communication for Financial Advisors.

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Minneapolis MN, USA, February 15, 2024 – Today Fresh Finance and ReachStack announced a partnership to integrate a new layer of analytics, AI and intelligence into their next generation of digital content & communication services for Wealth Management customers. 

Under the terms of the partnership, FreshFinance, a leading communications software provider for wealth organizations and their advisors, will now provide the option to seamlessly add ReachStack’s powerful advisor intelligence and client profiling capability into their advisor communication programs. 

Also, as part of the arrangement, ReachStack will provide their enterprise wealth management customers the option to add Fresh Finance’s financial articles as an efficient way to scale or fill any gaps in a firm’s branded content programs. 

This partnership provides 3 core benefits to Wealth Management firms:

  1. Maintain client relationships. Informed, educated clients are happier clients. A proactive, Done-for-You approach to advisor communication will ensure clients across your enterprise have regular advisor contact. Clients who understand their financial situation and receive timely content relevant to them are more satisfied with their advisors’ service level. 
  2. Give advisors more time for clients. Eliminating the time it takes advisors to manage their advisor marketing or draft client communications frees up time for higher-value tasks like spending time with clients and prospects.  
  3. Tell advisors where the opportunities are. Advisors who know what investment solutions or topics each client in their CRM is interested in are more efficient and impactful. Our intelligence tells Advisors which clients to connect with, when, and what to discuss- thanks to AI intelligence.

This partnership reinforces the joint mission of FreshFinance and ReachStack to help compliance analysts, marketers, and advisors at financial services organizations effectively use technology to quickly understand and satisfy the interests of their clients more efficiently.

“This partnership with ReachStack reinforces our commitment to continued MarTech innovation in the wealth, banking, and insurance industries. Adding actionable intelligence to our communications solution  further empowers wealth organizations and their advisors to build deeper and more valuable client relationships.” – Teresa Leno, CEO of FreshFinance

“FreshFinance’s record of helping wealth management firms efficiently use communication tools to deliver results for advisors is very impressive. We are excited to collaborate with Teresa and her team to further enhance the impact of these client-centric programs by providing marketers and advisors with a layer of actionable intelligence on every client.” ~ Brendan Kenalty, CMO & Partner, ReachStack

About Fresh Finance

Fresh Finance is a pioneering enterprise financial communications technology company that develops innovative solutions for compliance and marketing teams and their financial advisors. Their mission is to equip organizations with content and distribution tools to help deliver unparalleled value to their clients and prospects while remaining compliant with industry regulations. To learn more, please visit

About ReachStack

ReachStack partners with leading content and communication providers in the Wealth Management industry to enable new revenue and service opportunities, by using our platform to provide their customers with efficient, intelligent and impactful, Done-for-You style communication programs for 10 to 1000 advisors. ReachStack’s suite of email automation, compliance, analytics and AI tools integrate into any CRM, ensuring our agency partners deliver immediate impact for their customers. For more information, please contact us ( or visit

For media inquiries, please contact:

Teresa Leno
Founder & CEO

Fresh Finance



Brendan Kenalty
Partner & CMO

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