The Value of Enterprise Marketing Technology For Wealth Firms

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The marketing world constantly evolves, especially in the compliant-heavy wealth management industry. Wealth firms are beginning to use enterprise marketing technology as a valuable tool to remain competitive and reach more clients, thus increasing their AUM.

But what is enterprise marketing technology, and how can it help advisors? This article outlines the basics of enterprise marketing technology to help advisors better understand how to use it to reach new clients and increase their business.

What is Enterprise Marketing Technology

Enterprise marketing technology (EMT) is integrating technology into the marketing process. It involves using advanced software and platforms to streamline processes, collect data, automate tasks, and increase the reach of a company’s marketing efforts.

Benefits for Financial Advisors

EMT can be a powerful tool for financial advisors to attract and retain clients. This technology allows advisors to automate and customize their marketing efforts, resulting in greater efficiency and better results.

In addition, this technology can help advisors better understand their client’s needs, identify the right target audiences, measure success, and track results. By understanding their client’s goals and preferences, advisors can create personalized campaigns that are more likely to succeed.

Benefits for Marketing Teams

The first step for marketing teams to get started with EMT to benefit their advisors’ marketing is identifying which platforms best suit their business. Several marketing automation platforms, such as Mailchimp, Hubspot, Fresh Finance, and Oracle, are available.

Marketers should take the time to research each platform to determine which one best aligns with their needs. They should also consider the costs associated with each platform and what features are included. The most significant benefit to marketing teams is streamlining their content and distribution into a single software that contains a database of firm-approved content and distribution tools. Streamlining removes ‘swivel chair’ actions of using multiple technologies. Also, providing advisors access to this same system helps save time finding content for advisor requests, distributing content for the advisors, or using multiple technologies, which takes additional resources.

A Must-Have Technology

EMT is a must-have tool for compliance, marketing teams, and financial advisors that helps maximize profits and provide better client service using educational finance content. EMT caters to the needs of advisors by offering comprehensive solutions for their marketing automation needs.

EMT enables firms to streamline their marketing processes and scale up their activities efficiently. By leveraging this technology, advisors can nurture client relationships, create personalized campaigns, generate leads, track performance, and improve their ROI.

“When it comes to implementing EMT, there are several vital elements that wealth firms should consider. For instance, marketing teams should assess their goals and objectives to determine the type of EMT that meets their needs. Additionally, advisors should evaluate the various features and functions offered by EMTs to ensure that it fulfills their marketing objectives, and above all, the technology should be easy to use,” says Teresa Leno, CEO and Founder of Fresh Finance, an enterprise marketing technology developed for the wealth, banking, and insurance industries.

Finally, it’s crucial to continue monitoring the latest developments in EMT as this technology is continuously evolving. Many existing solutions offer new features and upgrades regularly, so marketing teams should consider these changes and integrate any new developments into their marketing plans.

Enterprise Marketing Technology is a powerful tool to help maximize profits and provide better client service. By understanding the features and functions offered by EMT, marketing teams can develop more effective digital campaigns for their advisors and reap the benefits of this technology.

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