What’s the Best Finance Content: Original or Enterprise?

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This article originally appeared in Digital Wealth News

Understanding finances is a crucial aspect of today’s world. To stay ahead, wealth organizations heavily rely on accessible finance content that can keep their clients updated on the latest financial news and provide financial education. With the flood of available financial content online, the common question is: “What’s the best type of content to rely on – original or enterprise?” This article seeks to delve into the nuances of both types of financial content and examine the potential upsides and downsides of each to help you make an informed decision.

Original Finance Content

As the name suggests, original finance content is newly created, original material that hasn’t been published elsewhere. It includes articles, blogs, news, and other financial information written by authors, often specialists in the finance industry. Let’s explore the advantages and challenges of incorporating original financial content.

Benefits of Original Content

Original finance content brings novelty and knowledge or experience to your organization. Original content is often tailored to a specific target audience, making it highly focused and valuable. This content can also be customized to reflect your firm’s tone of voice, style, and message, reinforcing your brand.

“When original content is delivered consistently, it can help establish you as a thought leader in the finance industry and increase your credibility among peers and prospects. Original content can also enhance your SEO strategy, helping elevate your online visibility and potentially increase web traffic and leads,” Says Teresa Leno, CEO and Founder of Fresh Finance.

Challenges with Original Content

On the downside, creating original finance content requires significant resources, including time, finance, and skilled personnel to research and produce high-quality content. It is a continuous and demanding process to ensure the freshness and accuracy of the content. This might pose a considerable challenge for smaller organizations with limited resources, including writers or budgets.

Enterprise Finance Content

On the other hand, enterprise finance content is specially designed for corporations, focusing on more in-depth topics such as financial analytics, accounting, corporate tax, risk management, and more. Enterprise finance content is often delivered through in-depth reports, case studies, white papers, and thought leadership articles.

Benefits of Enterprise Content

“A key advantage of enterprise finance content is that it’s usually created by specialized teams at larger corporations or financial institutions, ensuring high accuracy and reliability. It includes advanced financial concepts and technical insights that can deepen comprehension of the subject matter,” comments Leno.

If your target audience is high-level finance professionals or your firm operates in a highly specialized industry, enterprise finance content can be a valuable tool to showcase your specialization and thought leadership.

Challenges with Enterprise Content

The foremost challenge with enterprise content is its complexity level. If your target audience includes people with a basic understanding of finances, providing technical content could be complex; for this reason, market summaries, performance reporting, and economic reports should be limited and only used for some advisors and clients.

“Deciding between original and enterprise finance content relies heavily on understanding your target audience, their needs, and your ability to deliver that content. Original content brings novelty, knowledge or experience, and high SEO value, while enterprise content dives deeper into specialized financial concepts, offering accuracy and reliability,” adds Leno

Thus, a balanced approach could integrate both types, where original content would engage and inform your audience at a more generic level, and enterprise content may provide in-depth technical insights. The key is to strike the best balance that serves your advisors and their clients while reinforcing your brand’s credibility and visibility.

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