4 Tips for Promoting Your Next Event on Social Media

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Before your organization’s next event, creating high-quality content before, during, and after your event can increase attendance, leads, and interest in future events you may plan. As part of your marketing strategy, here are four tips to keep in mind when using social media to promote your event:

Tip #1- Plan ahead

It’s essential to plan your social media content to spread the word about your event and increase the number of attendees. It would help if you centered your social media content strategy around your corresponding email plan. Important pieces of content you’ll want to consider using on both channels are:

  • An event teaser video (pull content from past relevant events)
  • A list of sessions or a plan with industry speakers listed
  • Any planned special events that potential attendees may not expect (a welcome reception, customer appreciation events, keynote speakers, etc.)
  • Important information for planning travel and reserving lodging 
  • A ‘know before-you-go’ guide approximately a week before the event starts

Tip #2- Take interesting photos and videos

Ideally, the person responsible for your social media content will be on the ground at your event. This person will know what types of photos and videos they would like to use for social media, which will help reduce the likelihood of missing the best picture and video opportunities. Group photos are always great; you can include personal and company tags to help increase engagement and shares. Also, snap pictures of any branded signs, photo ops, partners, and customers at the event.

Tip #3- Consider using Facebook or Instagram stories for real-time updates

Although many corporate social media accounts focus more on standard timeline content for LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, an event is a great time to try out Facebook or Instagram stories for hour-by-hour updates from the conference. Include your event hashtag and location to amplify your content’s reach further.

Tip #4- Pull thought-provoking quotes from your sessions

It is a good idea to sit in on a few sessions so you can pull exciting quotes to use on social media. A great way to accomplish this is to write down any interesting quotes to post in real-time or to feature in branded graphics after the event. Speaker quotes are a great way to help share the information that was the focus of your event but remember not to include any proprietary product information presented at the event.

Now that you know what to keep in mind when planning your social presence for your next event, you’re ready to start your social media marketing plan. Remember, it’s essential to be flexible and roll with any surprise content that may come your way during the event. Sometimes the best-performing content starts as a last-minute post idea!

Need help in creating a solid content marketing plan? Let us help. Reach out to us, and don’t forget to keep an eye on our blog for more tips to jump-start your content marketing strategy.

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