Modern Marketing Tactics for Today’s Financial Advisors

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A marketing plan will always need to be fine-tuned as industry trends, and business goals change. If you’ve found yourself growing complacent with your marketing efforts, here are seven modern marketing tactics to focus on to get you back on track in 2021: 

Website. Make sure to optimize your website to attract your ideal customer. Your website is the most important marketing asset responsible for lead generation and ultimately increasing your client base and AUM. A bonus to consider is providing as much information as possible in the form of relevant content that positions you as a trusted financial expert.

Search Engine Optimization. An important way to strengthen your website is to work on your SEO. If your website ranks high with SEO, it will rate higher in search engine results, yielding more visits to your website. Check out part 1 and part 2 of our SEO blog series for more information. 

Audience. Focus on your specific audience. Why waste time trying to please everyone? Cater your message to your clients and ideal prospects. This helps you to create the most beneficial content and eliminate having too broad of services. 

Brand. A specific and unique brand will help differentiate you from your competition. Invest in your brand to highlight your company’s specific niche and ensure it inspires trust in your audience. Take notice that your logo and any photos are professional in nature and reflect your organization’s mission. 

Social. It’s time to get social! If your company doesn’t have social media pages, you miss out on exposure and potential leads. We recommend starting with LinkedIn. Twitter and Facebook are also great platforms to create a social media presence. We have a ton of inside tips on creating a successful social media plan on our blog

Blog. Create original content to show off your unique offerings and expertise on your blog. Your blog’s articles should have your ideal clients in mind, and likely the content will resonate with them. Having trouble writing your own content? Let us help.

Email marketing. Your website and social pages are great ways to start a conversation with your audience, but the most direct way to digitally contact them is through email marketing. Grab your email lists for current clients and start using a monthly email newsletter to stay connected to current customers and bring in new business as well. 

Focusing on these seven modern marketing tactics will generate new business for you in 2021. Remember, your marketing plan should be specific to your company and needs regular attention to succeed. 

Does your financial services company need to move your marketing into modern times? Reach out to us at FreshFinance or connect with us via social media at @freshMerge on Twitter and @freshFinance on LinkedIn. We’d love to help you! 

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