7 Content Marketing Tactics for Financial Advisors

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All marketing plans must be fine-tuned as industry trends, and business goals change. If you’ve found yourself growing complacent with your marketing efforts, here are seven items to focus on to help amplify your marketing:

#1- Update your website’s content. Make sure to optimize your website to attract your ideal customer. Your website is the most important marketing asset responsible for lead generation and ultimately increasing your client base and AUM. Provide as much information as possible using relevant content that positions you as a trusted financial expert.

#2- Refresh your site’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO). An important way to strengthen your website is to work on your SEO. If your website ranks high with SEO, it will rate higher in search engine results, yielding more visits to your website. Check out part 1 and part 2 of our SEO blog series for more information on how to refresh SEO. SEO is not something that is done one time and forgotten; SEO work should happen at a minimum of at least once per year.

#3- Define your audience. Focus on your specific audience. Why waste time trying to please everyone? Cater your message to your clients and ideal prospects and use specific content written for them that showcases your services.

#4- Develop your brand. A specific and unique brand will help differentiate you from your competition. Invest in your brand to highlight your company’s specific niche and ensure it inspires trust in your audience. Remember that your logo and photos are professional and reflect your organization’s mission. If you haven’t had a brand refresh in a while, consider refreshing or developing a new logo and implementing new brand colors.

#5- Engage with others on social media. It’s time to get social! If your company doesn’t have social media pages, you miss out on the exposure of engaging socially with others and potential leads. Starting with LinkedIn, post a minimum of twice weekly- one post from your website’s blog and one industry news. Also, add posts that show your team, events, or community service as they happen. Twitter and Facebook are also great platforms for creating a social media presence for your company. If you already have company social media accounts, update your banners and profile for a fresh look. Next, get posting! Last, remember to engage with others on social media by liking and positively commenting, where appropriate.

#6- Regularly post to your website’s blog. Use finance content to show off your unique offerings and expertise on your blog. Your blog’s articles should have your ideal clients in mind, their problems, and how you help solve them. Focus on financial education, and your blog’s content will likely resonate with your clients and prospects.

#7- Use email marketing. Your website and social pages are great ways to start a conversation with your audience, but email marketing is the most direct way to contact them digitally. Grab your email lists for current clients and start using a monthly email newsletter to stay connected to current clients and build your list to bring in new clients. Remember to abide by can-spam laws by adding a newsletter signup feature to your website to gain new email addresses.

Focusing on these seven marketing tactics can help you generate new business in 2023. Remember, your marketing plan should be specific to your company and needs regular attention to succeed.

Do you need to move your content marketing into modern times? We can help. Contact us at FreshFinance or connect with us on LinkedIn @freshFinance and @freshMerge on Twitter.

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