Why Posting Finance Content is Critical for Advisors

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Whether you are producing blog posts, a newsletter, a podcast, or infographics, remaining consistent is the most important thing to remember. Posting finance content regularly helps you as a financial advisor stand out from the competition and positions you as a thought leader in the wealth management industry. Here are four reasons why staying consistent with your content marketing is essential:

  • Consistency builds trust: The most crucial benefit of producing regular content is that it instills the belief that you are reliable and trustworthy. Reliability fosters a sense of confidence in your audience and makes them more likely to read your content and believe what you’re saying. Don’t underestimate the value of building trust, as it is pivotal in gaining new clients and maintaining the clients you have.
  • Consistency keeps you top of mind: The second benefit of consistent content marketing is that regular content will keep your company top of mind and increase brand recognition. Consistency on social media channels helps shape how your industry views you and who the thought leaders are. If your followers regularly see you posting trustworthy and thought-provoking content, they’ll remember you when they need to make a relevant business decision or seek finance information.
  • Consistency helps increase your website’s SEO standings: When you post consistently on your blog, your traffic increases because Google gathers more details on your services. New posts also help signal that your website produces high-quality content, increasing your site’s SEO ranking. Last, regularly posting new content allows you to reach more people aligned with your wealth-building services.

Growing your audience takes time.

Building an audience for your website takes time, but consistently posting high-quality finance content can help speed this process up. Don’t be frustrated if your website traffic doesn’t immediately pick up after a few blog posts. Look for articles that resonate with the services you offer and the problems you solve. Also, consider post-legislative changes that may impact your clients and prospects. Here are examples of timely topics for financial advisors:

  • SECURE Act 2.0
  • Retirement savings contributions increase for 2023-
  • Rebalancing after recent market corrections
  • The markets and economy
  • Interest rates and The Fed

And, of course…

  • Insurance planning and risk management
  • Tax planning
  • Retirement planning
  • Estate planning

Or situations your clients and prospects may have, such as

  • Divorce planning
  • Business succession planning
  • College savings

and so on.

Remember to commit to a consistent and manageable content calendar, and you will start seeing the results you are looking for.

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