The Allure of Account-Based Marketing

Fresh Finance Blog_The Allure of Account Based Marketing
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As we start the New Year, we are met with the presence of information abundance. Information abundance is a person’s difficulty in understanding an issue and making decisions due to too much information. Because of this difficulty, companies focusing on reaching the highest ROI from their marketing dollars should utilize cross-functional teams and focus on the high-value accounts that matter most in their marketing strategy.

What is account-based marketing?

Account-based marketing (ABM) is accomplished by sales and marketing departments working together to target large accounts to turn them into customers. ABM challenges the traditional lead-based, inbound-only approach to marketing by proactively identifying and targeting best-fit accounts at the beginning. Following this approach, marketers use personalized, one-to-one outreach to capture the attention of these targeted accounts.

How sales and marketing teams can benefit from this approach

By blending the expertise of both sales and marketing teams, companies are more likely to contact buyers in an era where everyone is connected. New channels for information sharing emerge every day, allowing marketers to engage with consumers in new ways. Focusing on fewer high-value clients can be more productive than casting a wide net.

The benefits of account-based marketing

Are you thinking of adopting this approach at your company? Here are a few benefits that may help you decide. 

  • ABM requires sales and marketing teams to be closely aligned, sharing goals and wasting fewer resources.
  • With less time for planning and execution going to waste, you can save more of both your sales and marketing budgets. 
  • The sales cycle shortens by placing personalized and engaging content in front of your target accounts as results are quickly actualized.
  • By utilizing personalized marketing tactics, you are more likely to create relationships with your prospects, leading to more customers and a better customer experience.

Getting started

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