Utilizing Subject Matter Experts for Higher Quality Content

Fresh Finance Blog_Utilizing Subject Matter Experts for Higher Quality Content
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If you want to create high-quality content, it is good to start working with internal or external subject matters experts (SMEs). But, you may find that SMEs don’t have the technical writing skills you are looking for. That’s where an industry-specific copywriter or content marketing agency comes in. Both options can offer the combined experience of subject matter knowledge and a sophisticated writing skillset. Here, we discuss the possibilities of both:

Option 1: Working with a copywriter

The first option to start creating high-quality content is to hire an external copywriter. This person will ideally have an extensive background in writing in your industry. Copywriters are accustomed to working with internal SMEs, like product managers, executive-level team members, or other experts in their field. 

Once a topic and unique angle is decided upon, the copywriter can set up a meeting with the subject matter experts to go over any details and questions they may have before writing. It’s a good idea to record the conversations about topics for later reference to help write. As the copywriter writes more blogs and articles, they will gain a more in-depth knowledge of your company.

Option 2: Working with a content marketing agency 

Another option is hiring a content marketing agency to produce blogs and other written content specific to your company. This option is typically more hands-off as they manage most of the writing for you and can be less expensive than hiring a full-time content-producing employee.

Like working with a copywriter, the more work you outsource to a content marketing agency, the more familiar they will become with your company and services. Look for a content marketing agency with experience in your industry since they can produce more relevant and high-quality content. Ideally, a relationship with an industry-specific agency will help you for years to come. 

Which option is best?

Both options, hiring a copywriter or content marketing agency, will work well to jumpstart your content marketing plan. Consistently posting on your company’s blog and social media channels is vital to attracting new clients and maintaining the attention of existing customers. Learn more about the benefits of consistent content here. Last, consider what makes the most sense for your company and conduct additional research on using subject matter experts for your content marketing if you have questions.

Getting started

Are you having trouble creating consistent, high-quality financial industry content? Let us help. Reach out to us, and don’t forget to keep an eye on our blog for more tips to jump-start your content marketing strategy.

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