Why a MarTech Strategy is Important for Wealth Firms

This article originally appeared in Digital Wealth News Various facets of technology revolutionize the wealth industry, and marketing is no exception. Among the diverse array of innovative technology options, MarTech, or Marketing Technology, stands out as an instrumental tool for these organizations. The concept of a MarTech strategy has become increasingly critical in optimizing marketing […]

How Compliant Finance Content Helps Increase Advisors’ AUM

When it comes to marketing, it’s a combination of science and technology that must combine to produce results. In the financial service industry, CMOs and marketers are changing how they manage content marketing technology (MarTech). Throughout the past few years, financial marketers and their organizations have realized how vital assisting advisors with their marketing is. […]

A Quick Guide to Selecting Advisor Marketing Technology

In today’s competitive business landscape, having a comprehensive and well-executed marketing strategy is essential for success. That’s why choosing the right enterprise marketing technology (MarTech) for your organization is essential. For regulated industries, selecting marketing technology can be more complex due to compliance oversight and others needing access to the marketing assets and tools.  Here’s […]

Why Content Market in Compliance-Heavy Industries?

The common saying “content is king” is even more true in today’s digital age. Industry professionals are stepping further into the spotlight, and their companies are supporting them in building their unique brands through content marketing. Now there is less focus on where one works (the company) and more on who the professional is, what […]

Why Wealth Firms Should License Enterprise MarTech For Their Advisors’ Marketing

The marketing department often provides a vendor list for advisors to select technologies to help them market their services. But ‘the list’ generally comprises ‘do-it-yourself’ solution providers, leaving the advisor responsible for their marketing. While these solution providers may offer additional services or tech solutions for advisor marketing, they often cost significantly more and take […]

How Wealth Firms Can Grow Harnessing Financial Content

The past few years have been lucrative for the wealth management industry thanks to favorable market performance. But, with today’s economic challenges and a changing client demographic as younger generations inherit, firms and advisors must plan how they communicate with current clients and attract new ones to grow AUM. A recent article by McKinsey highlights what […]

Digital Marketing for Financial Advisors: Become a Content Expert

Referrals alone are not enough to ensure that your practice continues to grow. Digital marketing is the easiest way to increase your client base and stay connected to your clients. However, there are considerations as you start your digital marketing journey in a regulated industry. Here, we outline seven basic ways to help grow your […]

4 Ways to Infuse Empathy in Your Social Media Content

Fresh Finance blog_4 Ways to Infuse Empathy in Your Social Media Content

More than previously, people are looking to forge personal relationships with those they work with and buy from. Although educational and branded content makes for a well-rounded social presence, personal and empathetic posts foster higher engagement. This type of social media content is one of the easiest ways to connect with your audience. Here are […]