AI: Friend or Foe of Content Marketing?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is not a far-fetched concept but a reality transforming various industry sectors. Over time, AI has been progressively infiltrating the marketing industry, explicitly reshaping content marketing. The fusion of AI and content marketing revolutionizes how content is created, personalized, and distributed. AI has significantly enhanced the efficiency and effectiveness of content marketing […]

2024 Social Media Trends for Financial Professionals

As we edge closer to the New Year, the ever-evolving nature of social media presents diverse opportunities in 2024 for a wide range of industries, including the wealth industry. Financial professionals must stay updated and adapt to emerging social media trends to participate in this digital landscape. We recently sat down with Teresa Leno, CEO […]

What’s the Best Finance Content: Original or Enterprise?

This article originally appeared in Digital Wealth News Understanding finances is a crucial aspect of today’s world. To stay ahead, wealth organizations heavily rely on accessible finance content that can keep their clients updated on the latest financial news and provide financial education. With the flood of available financial content online, the common question is: […]

The Allure of Account-Based Marketing

Fresh Finance Blog_The Allure of Account Based Marketing

As we start the New Year, we are met with the presence of information abundance. Information abundance is a person’s difficulty in understanding an issue and making decisions due to too much information. Because of this difficulty, companies focusing on reaching the highest ROI from their marketing dollars should utilize cross-functional teams and focus on […]

Thinking About Starting a Podcast? Here’s How to Get Started

Fresh Finance Blog_Thinking About Starting a Podcast? These 5 Tips Can Help You Get Started

Podcasting took the world by storm, with an estimated 120 million listeners in the U.S. in 2021. And for a good reason, since podcasting is a unique way to connect with your existing customers and prospects. The casual conversation format of a podcast episode helps to humanize your brand and shares your company’s mission in […]

Digital Marketing Basics Part 2: Using Keywords To Amplify Your Content

Fresh Finance Blog_Digital Marketing Basics Part 2: Using Keywords To Amplify Your Content

Anytime is a good time to upgrade your marketing tactics. Whether you manage your company’s blog, or simply write a few blurbs for your website- paying attention to and using keywords is critical if you want to boost your SEO.  What are keywords? According to SEMrush, a leading SEO management tool, keywords are search terms […]

Effective Customer Service on Social Media

Fresh Finance Blog_Effective Customer Service on Social Media

No matter how many options customers or prospects can contact your company, you may still receive messages through social media. Your initial reaction may be to guide people to your website to contact your support team. However, that may not be the best option as it may frustrate a customer or prospect by adding additional […]

The Value of a Regular Client Newsletter

Fresh Finance Blog_The Value of a Regular Client Newsletter

Shiny new tactics for attracting new clients may often catch our eye. However, while staying up to date on what is working in advisor marketing and what’s not is imperative, it’s also crucial to remember the basics, like a client newsletter. The newsletter was one of the first widely used marketing tools that served various […]

3 Tips for Implementing a Company Communication Process

Fresh Finance blog_3 Tips for Implementing a Company Communication Process

Whether or not to implement a process for handling company-related communication is an issue facing many marketing teams. On the one hand, company information is not marketing-specific. But, company updates need to be communicated to clients. You likely don’t want others outside your marketing and communications team going rogue by sending communications that don’t meet […]